Factory Tour

Factory Tour

Kaneman furniture limited, is one of the professional mattress producer in north of China. Our wide product range includes foam mattress, spring mattress, latex and memory foam mattress, hotel mattress and army mattress .The production capacity of compressed foam mattress is more than 20000 pieces per month.

Mattress Foam Production Line

In our factory, you can see mattress foam production line, it is huge and long equipment, our  foam company is one of the biggest foam manufacturers in north of China and we are reliable raw material supplier for many furniture factories nearby.By reasonably choosing the formula, the match of fast frothing and continuous production line is accomplished, After foaming , we use the advanced cutting equipment to cut the big foam block to smaller size and even cutting odd shape for the mattress layers such as air flow layer and egg shaped foam.


As springs are the important part of mattress making, kaneman makes great efforts on spring production. We have the basic continuous spring, bonnell spring and advanced pocket spring lines. The durable steel wire and new heat treatment technology make super performance on mattress compression, which is highly praised by our clients

Make Environmental Friendly Mattress

Kaneman keeps investing in new technology to make environmental friendly mattress,, we brought in hot-melt glue and water-based roller adhesive machine, to ensure our mattresses healthy and do not have chemical smell. We also have our own professional quilting work shop, ten sets of multi-needle quilting machines and computerized single-needle machine, make all the mattress cover design easy and convenient.

New Automatically Compression Machine

One of the other key improvements is the new automatically compression machine, it is widely used in rolled compression and also folding rolled compression. As mattress in a box is becoming more and more popular for online selling and mattress stores, our two sets of mattress compression machines can roll compress both the pocket spring mattress and hybrid foam mattress, then put them in colorful box and finally make beautiful and standard package. The compression daily production is 1200pcs.