2022 Latest Mattress Fabric Trend:Virase All-in-one Hygiene Solution


Kaneman Mattress Factory provide hundreds of mattresses’ designs for domestic and overseas clients.
We export to over 50 countries and make 150 plus brands for private label custom logo mattress.
The top quality mattress is based on the better quality raw materials level.
More importantly,the fabric is one of the crucial part of surface raw materials.We are pleased to share one reliable partner Bekaert,which provide us high grade kinds of knitted fabrics with the advanced technology and new function to service and protect the body healthy.

Bekaert Textiles owns several companies in Belgium, production units all over the world. Bekaert Mattress Ticking(1892) the founder company of the Bekaert Textiles Group, enjoys an excellent reputation in the production of jacquard mattress ticking as the world leader.
Virase is the new fabric with below excellent function.

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Virase® helps fight the spread of viral infections

• Virase® is guaranteed non-toxic and friendly to the skin


• Protection against bacteria

• Protection against mould

• Protection against dust mites

• No phenolic yellowing risk

• Combination with FR possible

• Low chemical add-on


BekaertDeslee is first in the industry to provide proof of a higher than 99% reduction of viral activity within just  15 minutes on the surface of an in-house produced mattress textile(variances are possible depending on the fabric construction)

Previous results have proven that VIRASE®, a special formulated

textile finish, reduces the viral activity of SARS-CoV-2 by 99,98%

after 2 hours on in-house produced mattress textiles.

 Now, a third test confirms a 99,80% reduction after only 15 minutes!

Ps: On Feb 13th, 2020, Dr. Tedros, Director-General of the World Health Organization (WHO), announced that the disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 virus was officially named COVID-19.

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In the context of the international epidemic, people pay great attention to health. Antibacterial and mite proof fabric function is particularly important, which is also the mattress fabric function loved by many of our end customers. If you have an order, please feel free to contact us.

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We also have other new series of fabrics, which will be updated to you in the future.

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