2022 Latest Mattress Fabric Trend

2022 Latest Mattress Fabric Trend (3)

Bekaert Deslee Textiles is a global producer of knit and woven ticking, as well as sewn covers, and has a sales presence over 100 countries in the world with 19 manufacturing locations covering every continent.
Kaneman outsourced the mattress fabrics form Bekaert Deslee, and update several mattress categories.

One new mattress fabric is PPPRMNT, it is based  on one specific ingredient of the peppermint plant, named peppermint oil, which is extracted form the leaves via steam distillation.

This oil consist of a high concentration of natural pesticides and is known to fend off bacteria and pest insects. It delivers a natural based anti-microbial protection, an integrated hygiene function and give you the best night’s rest possible.

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Besides having the benefits of long-lasting freshness and anti-microbial properties, PPPRMNT® is also a sustainable and fast renewable resource as it is plant-based.

PPPRMNT® is a natural anti-microbial treatment that offers protection against bacteria and dust mites. By inhibiting the growth of bacteria and dust mites in a natural way, PPPRMNT® delivers a safe and environmentally friendly solution to keep your mattress fresh and clean.

What is more,fabric treated with PPPRMNT® full fill the criteria of OEKO-TEX® 100 class 1.


Offers protection against bacterial and dust mites

No silver

Metal free

Sustainable and fast renewable resource

Nature Based Anti-microbial protection

Integrated hygiene Function


Long-lasting freshness

Wash durability

Quality Control

Every Production Batch is subject to a Bromophenol Blue indicator test to identify a correct application of the PPPRMNT® treatment.

This is a new fabric trend and also a safe and environmentally friendly solution to keep our mattress clean and fresh.

In the context of the international epidemic, people pay great attention to health. Antibacterial and mite proof fabric function is particularly important, which is also the mattress fabric function loved by many of our end customers. If you have an order, please feel free to contact us.

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We also have other new varieties of fabrics, which will be updated to you in the near future.

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