Healthy and environmental are shaping the latest mattress trends and sleep patterns in 2022

If you have decided to ware about your healthy after epidemic happen, the first thing should be done in your top must do list is: better sleep.
Luckily, Kaneman Mattress as a factory direct mattress supplier who have a new sleep mattress system just to getting you a better night’s sleep. Learn about more about kaneman mattress can help you get the most out of your night time hours, nap time hours as well as better, healthy sleep.
Better sleep is healthy sleep.
Due to the outbreak of the epidemic, more and more people realizing that healthy is the most important thing in life. All people take 1/3 time of a day on their beds, good sleep is critical for everything form physical health to mental health and cognitive function. Kaneman Mattress update one function fabric‘VIRASE ’ and ‘PPPRMNT ’ which two now widely used in our luxury pocket spring bed mattresses.

The VIRASR, all in one health hygiene solution.2
1.) VIRASE helps fight the spread of viral infections.
2.) VIRASE is guaranteed non-toxic and friendly to the skin.
3.) Protection against bacteria.
4.) Protection against mould.
5.) Protection against dust mites.
6.) No phenolic yellowing risk.
7.) Combination with FR possible.
8.) Low chemical add-on.

PPPRMNT, a natural defense system.
1.) Offer protection against bacteria and dust mites
2.) No silver
3.) Metal free
4.) Sustainable and fast renewable resource
5.) Nature based anti-microbial protection
6.) Integrated hygiene function
7.) Odor management
8.) Long lasting freshness
9.) Wash durability

Better sleep is also environmental sleep.
For ocean pollution serious, a new mattress fabric material called “SEAQUAL” comes out. Seaqual is made of recycled polyester, a more environmentally friendly alternative to the raw material form oil. Marine little is sorted, chopped, melted and reformulated into recycled polyester chips. Discarded plastic materials are broken down into monomers with high temperatures and steam. Seaqual mattress also be a top rated mattress kind for environmentalist.
Kaneman Mattress factory is the biggest mattress suppliers in north of China, we aim to bring more health and comfort bed mattress to more sleepers. To meet different needs of different market clients, we have 300 plus kinds of new updated mattress styles in our 2000 square meters showroom. We also supply custom bed mattress service. After 19 years’ developing, we custom mattress service for hundreds of mattress brands or mattress brands manufacturers. We looking forward your joint.

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