Sea freight cost is gradually recovering


The question remains: why is shipping cost so expensive in 2020 and 2021? The primary reason for the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 and the peak season in 2021, the container shortages, floors, Covid-19 outbreaks that backlogged ports, and a dearth of truck drivers and warehouse workers, to name a few. It’s all putting retailers in a crunch to get enough goods to keep shelves fully stocked.
Good news for that the Australian lines and South American lines recovery gradually now. South American lines have dropped form around 14500$ a year ago to 8500$ now, the Australian lines have dropped from around 12000$ a year ago to around 6200$. We believe that the shipping situation will get better and better.



Other sea lines still face such serious problems. Kaneman Mattress factory as one the biggest mattress suppliers in north of China, our popular custom bed mattress well received by clients form over 30 plus countries. To avoid the high logistic cost we also find many ways to solve it.
The China-Europe Railway Express, is key logistical cog in President Xi Jinping’s belt and road initiative. It provides an alternative to container shipping for transporting Chinese manufactured goods to Europe via Russia. Save the logistic cost and the sailing schedule.


We also update some best wholesale mattresses and vacuum pack mattresses into carton boxes. Online selling mattress is another form of sales compared to in-store sales. Much safety in epidemic period. Mattress in a box for the fast, easy shipping and delivery become more and more popular.
For different sleeping habits in different markets, we update many different hardness mattress types in our mattress showrooms for choices. Bed spring mattress, luxury memory foam mattress, or compress custom hotel mattress, there must have one can meet your needs.


Some top rated mattress items in different continents.
Asia and Africa markets


North America and south America markets


Europe market


Australia market


Kaneman mattress factory as a 19 years’ exporting experience bed custom mattress manufacturer, own A to Z full production lines. We can control the quality and leading time easily. We looking forward of working with more clients like you, if any needs for wholesale factory mattress, please contact us directly. We will serve you our best service.

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Post time: Apr-20-2022