3 folding camping mattress tatami futon floor bed mattress


What is the most popular mattress this season of 2022?

It is aloe vera camping foam mattress of course.

Look some details below:



As we all known,Aloe vera has lots of effects and functions.

It is not only anti-bacterial,but also can protect the skin.

So when we use the inner fiber make into the mattress cover,it is the healthy products totally.

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The camping mattress is very popular in Japan,Thailand,Singapore,Australia,Israel and so on markets.

Also,it have many names,like Futon mattress;tatami mattress;floor bed mattress;folding camping mattress;portable camping mattress and so on.

No matter what is the name we called it,they are also the one we love.

It can applied to many situations,like you want to enjoy a relax and cozy time to drink some coffee or taste some tea,even kids play on floor or as extra beds for guests in short time.What is more,can be treated as a sofa,which can provide super good comfort level.


Now days,it is very popular as portable camping mattress.

The package is vacuum compression and rolled in handle bag.


As a custom mattress wholesale manufacturers,we ensure to supply what you need.

Single size,queen size,split king sizes are workable to go ahead in your plan.

We met a client,who deal with the bedding and mattresses products for over 20 years.

And they bought the mattress in handle bags with non-compression package.Finally,they decide to start a new container with us for the folded foam mattress rolled in a box.

Nowadays,they save much space in their warehouse,also,it is more easier to delivery by Express company when they do online selling business to their ultimate customer.

They are happy to work with us and we are pleasant to provide their logo mattress by our great efforts.

Hope we can offer more valuable mattresses for you in good night sleep.



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Post time: May-13-2022